Birthday Otter

The wonderful thing about knowing artists is that they draw you amazing things for your birthday. May I present the finished art and sketch of Birthday Otter by Russ Braun.

To see Russ’ amazing body of work and to commission your own otter or non-otter art, visit

Welcome to The Otter Pockets

Otters have pockets. They keep stones in them for breaking open shellfish. They also use them to stash food when they’re hunting under water. This was all news to me two days ago. I saw this video yoinked from the intrawebs (and sorry for all the ads on it).

Brain-meltingly cute, right? I thought that The Otter Pockets would be a great name for a punk band, should I ever learn to play an instrument or get over stage fright. Of course, there’s already a band called Otters Pocket and who am I to steal their thunder?

Here they are playing Shalford Village Hall in 2012.

I did a little digging to find out more about these handy pockets that make such an agreeable band name. That’s when I discovered that “Wetter than an otter’s pocket” is a euphemism for a certain lady part. Poor weather person Carol Kirkwood was tricked into saying it on TV.

My enthusiasm for the name was momentarily dampened, and then I decided that as a feminist, I’ll own The Otter Pockets. At least I have the domain name.