Catherine Penfold • Creative Director • Writer • catpenfold@gmail.com

I have an omnivorous creative background: I’m comfortable in digital marketing, customer relationship marketing, direct marketing and general advertising. I’m a writer with an art director’s degrees. I’ve worked at big London agencies and in small New York shops. I’ve helped win million-dollar accounts and walked the agency poodle. My creative has been on beer mats and on TV, in Yankee Stadium and in millions of mailboxes, at gaming tournaments and at checkouts. I am big concept and small details. I’ve been clicked through, emailed, pasted up, printed, broadcast, followed, lit from behind and sometimes redeemed for a dollar off.

I lead and support my teams. I don’t presume to know everything and I always entertain everyone’s ideas. But when it’s my decision to make, I’ll make it and stand by it.

Great creative challenges people. That’s good. You just need to get everybody to come along for the ride.

I’m all kinds of creative. But I’m not writing the great American novel. I paint and upcycle things. I make jewelry. I support the King of Newtown Creek and celebrate the wonder that is New York.